400 Years

of history, Arita is known for its spectacular design and precise handcrafting.

Exclusive Japanese Drawings and Craftsmanship

Arita ware is one of the world's famous porcelain fired in the vicinity of Arita-cho in Saga Prefecture. It has over 400 years of long history and Japan's first porcelain. Printed figures represent the beauty of Japan's tradition which is why these figures are done very carefully by the specially trained craftsman. This luxury porcelain ceramic grab bar is not only looks good but also feels good to grab the bar and also contained with anti-bacterial agent.

Ceramic Handrail

Luxury In Every Details

The handrail body is made of Ceramic, Mortar and Stainless Crossbar. Cerahand is anti-bacteria proof made it safe to touch. The designs are inspired by Japanese culture and seasonal beauty. Some of the figures are drawn by Arita’s professional artist by hand and some are printed by machine. We ensure the color or figure on the handrail body will not go fade or discolor in long term use.  

Designed by Arita


Premium series are made from a singular vision: to create gratings that are as durable and functional as they are beautiful and intuitive. Premium Black is a stunning realization of that ideal. Special Ceramic coating has been used to prevent skid even at slippery places. This coating does not only function as antiskid but also offers a wide range of color options to match with your surroundings and design.

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