Message from the President

We started our journey with the aim to research, develop and manufacture universal design products for residential houses and building materials sector to create comfortable and happiness towards the people of the society. Our mission is to improve the lifestyle and culture of the people and to provide a healthy and civilized way of life. Since our establishment, we have valued creativity and challenged the limits of technological innovation with a pioneering spirit. Over the years, the Shimabun brand has won customers’ trust in locally and internationally as a grating specialist manufacturer with a wealth of experience and a solid track record. Customer satisfaction is our main priority that drive us to develop the latest technologies and manufacturing capabilities and contribute to the society by providing excellent products and services. Our amazing universal design products are not only provide customers safe and secure but also make their usage comfortable. We always listen to our customers very carefully which help us to become stronger in various ways, in areas including quality, productivity and manufacturing technology and become more competent in the market. We believe we could increase the company value much further by enhancing the products and expanding the domestic / overseas sales network. We will continue working together with society toward achieving our goals to enhance our corporate value and helping create an affluent society.

Nobuhide Shima
President and CEO