Floor Drain Trap

Smooth water drain. It can drain 90 liters of water in 1 minute.
Easy to maintenance. The whole drain trap parts can be separated and clean easily.
Body’s main cup is always fill with water which prevents any kind of bad smells from the main pipe line.


It can last years with minimum maintenance. 

Main Body: ABS

Lid: Stainless Steel (SUS 304)

Vertical Type

Horizontal Type

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Drain 90 liters of water in just 1 minute

Easy to maintenance

The whole body can be taken apart during the cleaning of the surface. 

Water flow from the edge of the cup.

NO more bad smells

Since the main cup is always fill with water, it prevents any bad smells or insects to get it from the main pipe.

Square Shape Drain Trap

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Drain Trap for Grating Unit

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