Outdoor Grating

Carbon Black Edition

Outdoor Grating is made of Nylon (PA6) with Fiber Glass reinforced to function excellent in high trafficking outdoor areas. Nylon (PA6) has high mechanical strength, rigid and high impact resistance even in low and high temperature conditions. The additional glass fiber to nylons leads to very significant increases in strength, stiffness, heat distortion temperatures, abrasion resistance and dimensional stability

Key Features

Hard and Rigid

The grating main bar is made of Nylon(PA6) with Fiber Glass reinforced which make the grating excellent dimensional stability and high heat resistance temperature.

Easy to Maintenance

The grating is lightweight and require a minimum maintenance to keep it nice and clean. The lightweight profile makes the grating easy to lift up during the maintenance.

Withstanding Load

Stainless steel crossbars are cover inside to connect the main bars and make the grating stable at high pedestrian areas.

Resistance to temperature

Excellent resistance to hot water and humid or low-temperature weather conditions.

Anti Agent

Antifungal and antibacterial agent is contained to avoid the growth of fungus and bacteria.

Safe to use at Public Places

The gaps between the bars are 6mm only which is safe to walk even with high heel shoes or trolley.


The round upper surface of the grating prevents slippage in wet areas. C.S.R Test has been conducted according to JIS 1454.

UV Resistance

Carbon black agent is contained to keep the colour of the grating long-lasting and durable.

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