Bathroom entrance, Changing room, Doormat etc.


The surface and bottom are made of soft PVC (polyvinyl chlorid) which make sure it is safe for bare feet even at wet places. Moreover, the resin surface does not feel cold in winter.


Narrow Gaps

The gaps between bars are 6 mm or less which prevent children from inserting fingers.

Easy Maintenance

The lid is light weight and each resin has a pull ring that makes cleaning easier.


Color Variation

SUGRA comes in nine different color options.
*Please specify a color when you order. e.g.) If you wish to order a beige grating, please specify GRZ-25W500-B.


Material and specifications

Members Materials Finishing Note
Resin bar Hard/soft vinyl chloride(PVC) Antibacterial and antifungal
Spacer Hard vinyl chloride (PVC) Antibacterial and antifungal
Pull ring Hard vinyl chloride (PVC) Antibacterial and antifungal
Stud bolt SUSXM7 M4
Nut SUS304 M4
Washer SUS304
L-angle receiving frame SUS304 2B t=3.0


[Test Results of SUGRA] 

Test items Contents of test Evaluation
Load bearing test Total weight load of a wheel chair has been imposed on one wheel (Φ50).
The test was followed based on JIS A 1450.
No significant bend or residual deformation within the range of withstanding load indicated in the specifications.
Weather resistance accelerated Sunshine weather meter 63 °C × 200 hr Rainfall duration 12 min/hr No significant colorde terioration or change of color.
Chemical resistance test Apply alkaline, neutral, and acidic chemicals once a day × 14 days. No abnormality in appearance.
Warm water resistance test Immerse product in 60°C warm water for 7 days. No change of color or deformation.




Grating L-angle receiving frame
No. Width Amm Height Length Lmm Weight(Grating) No. Wmm
GRZ-25W500 500 25 999 5.2kg GSL-25 510


For Detached house -Drain Outlet Unit with Trap-


   No.  Weight
Non waterproof vertical drain outlet HRHT-4275 6.4kg
Non waterproof horizontal drain outlet HRHY-4275 6.4kg
Waterproof vertical drain outlet HRHB-4275 10.8kg
Waterproof horizontal drain outlet HRHZ-4275 10.8kg