Swimming Pool Grating

Key Features


This resin grating can be fit into curved sections easily as it can bends toward both right and left according to suit the pool design.



The surface and bottom are made of soft PVC (polyvinyl chlorid) which make it safe for bare feet even at wet places. Beisdes, you will not feel cold stepping on the resin in winter season.

Easy maintenance

Light weight and can be rolled up at the time of cleaning easily which reduce costly recoating exercises. As the surface is inverted-Ushaped, it has excellent water drainage property.


Narrow Gaps

It is noted that the gaps between bars are 6 mm or less which prevent children from inserting fingers.


The whole part is made of resin which is excellent in chemical resistance. Anti-bacterial and antifungal agent is also contained which makes it excellent in durability.


Excellent resistance

It has excellent resistance to hot water and weather resistance.

Color Variation

Resin gratin comes in five different color options which are black, blue, beige, light gray and white.




Material and specifications

Members Materials Note
Main bar Hard/soft vinyl chlorid(PVC) Antibacterial and antifungal
Joint Soft vinyl chlorid(PVC) Antibacterial and antifungal
Spacer for straight part Polypropylene(P.P)



[Test Results of Resin Grating for Swimming Pool]

 Test items  Contents of test Evaluation
 Load bearing test Apply a oncentrated load on one point whose area is equivalent to the area of a wheel of one wheel chair (φ50) (local load test).
The test is implemented based on JIS A 1450.
 No significant bend or have residual deformation within the range of withstanding load indicated in the specifications.
Weather resistance accelerated exposure test Sunshine weather meter 63 C × 200hr Rainfall duration 12 min/hr No significant color deterioration or change of color.
Chemical resistance test Apply alkaline, neutral, and acidic chemicals once a day × 14 days No abnormality in appearance.
The following chemicals which are used in swimming pools, kitchens,and factories are tested for 4 months.
1. Sodium hypochlorite  2. Hydrogen peroxide  3. Sulfuric acid
No color change or abnormality in appearance.
*If the product is adhered with a dark colored chemical and left for a long time, the color does not go off easily.



For straight parts

Groove width Part number Color Width Amm Height Length Lmm Weight
Withstanding load Frame external width Wmm
100 GRP-25W150 A(Blue)
G(Light gray)
150 25
1008  1.9kg  2.0kN(200kgf) 160
130 GRP-25W180  180  2.2kg  1.5kN(150kgf) 190
150 GRP-25W200  200  2.4kg 210
200 GRP-25W250  250  3.0kg 1.0kN(100kgf) 260
250 GRP-25W300  302.5  3.6kg 310

For curved parts

Groove width Part number Color Width Amm Height Length Lmm Weight
Withstanding load Minimum curve inner R Frame external width Wmm
100 GRPR-25W150 A(Blue)
G(Light gray)
150 25

(Note 1)

1.9kg 2.0kN(200kgf) 500 160
130 GRPR-25W180 180 2.2kg 1.5kN(150kgf) 650 190
150 GRPR-25W200 200 2.4kg 750 210
200 GRPR-25W250 250 3.0kg 1.0kN(100kgf) 1000 260
250 GRPR-25W300 302.5 3.6kg 1250 310

●Notes for Ordering
*Please specify the color when you order. e.g.) If you wish to order a blue grating, please specify GRP-25W150-A.
*The only color option for a joint is light gray.
*Depending on request, we can manufacture special order-made products with non-standard dimensions and color.