Natural Linear Grating
Made from high quality wood species, designed and perform for your shower drain outlet

Wood Species

A wide selection of woods: American Walnut, Teak, Cherry, White Oak, Maple and Accoya. Out of these wood species, Teak and Accoya wood can be use both indoor and outdoor. The dimension of the grating can be customized within its maximum width and length accordingly.

All the wood species are very strong and stable which is exceptionally durable and rich in texture. As per the load bearing test, maximum weight imposed was 2.0kN(200kgf) and there was no deformation or bend. A thin layer coating has developed specially for this grating, applied  (around 60 μm) to keep the wood texture on the surface and keep the wood protected from fungus, bacterial and uv. 

High Resistence

This grating is designed to perform even in hot water. Antifungal functionality has been processed to avoid growth of fungus and perform up to the standard. The special coating will protect the wood from chemicals and dirt.

For its functional beauty, Our wood grating was awarded under the category of New Product Award at Archidex Exhibition 2017 in Malaysia.


The gaps between the bars are 6 mm which prevents the risk of children’s finger inside. Round upper surface make you feel comfortable and prevent from 

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The product was developed in collaboration with Fukuoka Interior Technology Center and Kyushu Wood Industry Company Limited.  



We launched our Natural Linear Grating (Previous name was Wood Raffine) at Archidex Exhibition 2017 in Malaysia. During the exhibition, the product was chosen under the category of “New Product Award” for its unique engineer and functional beauty. 

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