Made with high grade of PVC, this grating has anti-slip surface, easy to maintenance with excellent resistance.


SUGRA is made of high quality PVC, designed to use as a floor mats. It is  recommended to use at public areas where places are remain wet most of the time. 


The top surface is made of soft PVC make it easy to walk even at wet places. The gaps between the bars is 6 mm only; makes it safe to walk even with high heel shoes.


Steel crossbar are cover inside the grating, makes it strong to bear the passage of wheel. Excellent resistance to chemical, hot water, salt water and weather. The grating is anti-fungal and antibacterial.


Safety grating is very light weight and each resin has a pull ring that makes cleaning easier.

Recent Project References

A few of our recent projects which pictures are given below. Please contact us to learn more about the project references in details.  

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