Kagan Stainless Steel Mirror
kagan mall entrance

Unbreakable Mirror

Made with Stainless Steel and highly polished for increased reflection, Kagan can withstand direct impacts and shocks resulting from natural disasters.

kagan public toilet
kagan close up
Unbreakable Mirror


Kagan’s features set make it ideal for schools,  Gymnasiums, Fitness Gyms, Studios, Public Restrooms, Hospitals, Elevators, Welfare facilities, Prison and any location where safety is paramount.


Made from Stainless Steel, Kagan is unbreakable and scatter-proof.


Kagan can be made into different sizes and shapes.


Given the unbreakable nature, it means that long usage reduces environmental impacts compared to using a standard mirror with a shorter lifespan.


Comes in burglar-proof fitting, 4 points fitting, and both metal and wood frame fitting.