Luxurious Porcelain Handrails
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400 years of History

Arita ware is one of the world's famous porcelain, originated in Saga, Japan. It has over 400 years of rich history.

Our Arita Cerahand is a unique piece of handrail that is designed according to Japan's mesmerizing season and culture. Each design pattern is carefully handcrafted by professional Arita craftsmen to give the handrail a vibrant, vivid, and colorful look.

cerahand set
cerahand black closeup
Traditional Craftmanship
cerahand inside view


2 weeks and 10 conscientious steps and 30 artists. Cerahand has traditional and authentic art as well as features to support its use.


All designs, representing Traditional Japanese patterns, designs, and seasons are drawn by renowned Arita artists.


Cerahand is made with Ceramic, Mortar, and a stainless steel crossbar to ensure its durability.


Cerahand has an antibacterial agent applied during production to ensure its safe usage.


Cerahand is easy to grip and has antislip properties ensuring safe usage even with wet hands.



Available in different hand-painted designs from traditional to modern. The designs express the peace and beauty of Japanese nature, from the cherry blossom in spring, sea breeze and beaches in summer, autumnal tints and richness in autumn, snowflakes, and excellence in winter.