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We specialize in developing universal design products with the aim to research, develop and manufacture residential houses and building materials. Shimabun brand has won customer's trust both locally and internationally as the company values creativity and challenges the limits of technological innovation with its pioneering spirit. Our main priority is to provide excellent products and services for our customers which drives us to develop the latest technologies and manufacturing capabilities that contribute to society.
About Shimabun
Unique Materials
Made from real wood
Shimabun Corporation Products
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Natural Linear Grating
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Quality is the standard, safety is our priority. All of our products undergo a meticulous manufacturing process and are made from grade JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) materials to ensure they stand up under rigorous conditions. Our products allow anyone to use their space creatively without being limited by physical barriers. The components used in all designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to install with any material type imaginable.


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Latest News

Hard and Rigid, Sturdy outdoor grating is now available. This product comes in stealth black color, as for our other products, it is easy to maintain due to its lightweight.
8 Park Avenue Cebu presents a master-planned integrated community and recognized as the Cebu city’s lifestyle and leisure Centre and the preferred regional business address with a thriving live–work–play environment.