A New Value for
PVC Gratings
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High-grade PVC

Sugra is a high-grade PVC grating that can be used both indoors and outdoors. This remarkable product has been in use for more than 20 years and its durability is guaranteed. Sugra is significantly different from the traditional stainless steel grating, with gaps and sharp edges. The nine colors will match any home decor giving your balcony or back porch a modern but subtle touch.

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Universal PVC Grating
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SUGRA gratings are made from PVC, offering affordability while remaining durable and requiring minimal maintenance, making them an excellent investment. Enjoy reduced replacement costs and minimal upkeep with our dependable grating solution.


Made with soft PVC, the top surface offers both comfort and safety, preventing slips even when wet.


Our products are JIS Z 2801-certified, guaranteeing proven antimicrobial protection for peace of mind.


Say goodbye to mold concerns! SUGRA material is JIS Z 2911-certified for superior fungus resistance, offering reliable performance in humid or damp environments.

Easy Maintenance

Forget scrubbing! Sugra's lightweight build and smooth surface let you simply rinse it with water and detergent for effortless cleaning, saving you time and effort.


Sugra comes in two functional designs and a number of colors which makes it ideal to be installed in different scenarios. 


Sugra comes in both Horizontal and Vertical. The horizontal shape is great for draining water fast; the vertical shape is perfect for keeping water from getting in.


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Sugra has two types of frames. L bracket stainless steel frame and flat box type stainless steel frame. The Flat Box frame comes with our standard drain trap.


Sugra can be fitted with a drain trap that features a high rate of draining with a maximum output of 90 liters/minute.