Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Grating
F & T Bar Street

Heavy-Duty Grating

F & T Bar Grating is a stainless steel grating built for both indoor and outdoor usage. Perfect for both public space with hight pedestrian traffic and professional indoor areas like public toilets.

F & T Bar Public Toilete
F & T Bar Close up
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F & T Bar Entrance


Designed for heavy usage, the different design provides different qualities in terms of drainage speed and the amount of water that can get in the drainage.

Narrow Gaps

The gaps between the bars are 6-7 millimeters wide, making it ideal for usage in public spaces with high traffic

Heavy Duty

This sturdy metal grating is perfect for avoiding slippage. The top has an intricate cross pattern that provides higher friction to allow the user to keep their footing while walking.


The T Bar and F Bar gratings are available in two different patterns.


T Bar comes in both horizontal and vertical shapes. The horizontal shape is great for draining water fast; the vertical shape is perfect for keeping water from getting in. However, F Bar can be made only in Horizontal shape.