The Perfect Grating For U Shape Drainage.
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For U Shape Drainage

UG Grating is made of high-grade PVC with stainless wings (SUS 304). This grating is recommended especially for outdoor where traffic is heavy and U shape drainage is present. the installation is simple and effortless.

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Fits Like A glove
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Made especially for U shape drainage, UG provides antiskid features, and the high-grade PVC material keeps floors safe against germs and bacteria which can lead to infection.

Grating Customization

UG Gratings offer customizable drainage solutions! Change the main grating within the SUS frame wings to SUGRA or FORTE based on your environment. SUGRA UG is ideal for indoor areas, while FORTE UG stands strong outdoors. Choose the perfect combination for your needs!


SUGRA UG JIS Z 2801 testing (for antimicrobial activity and efficacy) is conducted at the laboratory to verify the effectiveness of antimicrobial treatments applied to surfaces.


For superior resistance to mold and mildew, SUGRA UG grating material boasts an advanced antifungal agent. Rigorously tested according to JIS Z 2911 "Fungus resistance test for plastic goods," SUGRA UG exceeds industry standards in preventing fungal growth, ensuring long-lasting performance and a clean, hygienic appearance.

Weather Resistance

FORTE UG boasts unrivaled weather resistance, exceeding industry standards to ensure lasting performance even in harsh environments. Its durable stainless steel frame is virtually rust-proof, providing worry-free peace of mind and years of reliable use, come rain or shine.



UG grating has an optional locking mechanism to make sure the grating is secure and tight.

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Silencing rubber can be added as an option for further noise reduction.

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