A Strong and Stylish Outdoor


Forte is made of Polyamide (PA6) + Glass fibre reinforced for use in high-traffic outdoor areas. PA6 has high mechanical strength, rigidity, and high impact resistance across a wide range of temperatures. The additional glass fiber leads to significant increases in strength, stiffness, heat distortion temperatures, abrasion resistance, and structural stability.

Forte Close up
Built for Tough Environments
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Durability is at the heart of FORTE’s design. Every component, from the material to the rivets and sealant, is meticulously chosen for longevity. The result is an all-weather grating that can handle anything you throw at it! Lightweight and odorless, FORTE is ideal for outdoor applications and comes in 5 colors, allowing you to perfectly match your environment and create a cohesive aesthetic.


The main bar is made of Polyamide (PA6) + Glass fibre reinforced giving it excellent dimensional stability and temperature resistance.

Easy Maintenance

Additionally, the grating's lightweight design requires minimal maintenance, making lifting it up during upkeep a breeze.

Load Resistance

For exceptional stability in high-pedestrian areas, the grating features stainless steel crossbars connecting its main bars.


C.S.R. (Coefficient of Slip Resistance) significantly exceeds the recommended value of 0.4, contributing significantly to safety. Dry: 0.78 , Wet: 0.67 , Oil: 0.65



The round upper surface of the grating prevents slippage in wet areas. C.S.R Test has been conducted according to JIS 1454. The gaps between the bars are 6mm only which is safe to walk even with high heel shoes or with a trolley. Carbon black agent is contained to keep the color of the grating long-lasting and durable.