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A Grating For Every Project

Our gratings come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and with different features, making it easy to find a grating that is the perfect fit for any project. The only constant is the guaranteed quality and efficiency of our gratings and the assurance that they can be used for much longer than you might have imagined.


Best In The Business

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Flex is the perfect swimming pool grating in the market. The body is made of hard PVC, the top and the bottom surfaces are made of soft Acrylic which makes the grating antiskid in wet places. Flex can be fit into the curve section easily as it can bend in both directions.
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Drainage solution for all

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A PVC-based grating for both indoor and outdoor usage. Combining durable hard PVC for the main body, soft PVC for the top surface, and Stainless Steel crossbars helps Sugra offers antiskid features while at the same be able to bear heavy loads without structural deformation.
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Made of Natural Wood

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Moku is an Award-Winning Wood Grating made for both indoor and outdoor shower spaces. Made of high-grade wood species which are exceptionally durable and beautiful.
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U-Shape Grating

UG Forte 3
UG Grating is made of high-grade PVC with stainless wings (SUS 304) designed for U drainage installations.
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Heavy-Duty Grating

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Made of Nylon (PA6) and reinforced with Fiber Glass gives the grating high durability, strong impact and temperature resistance properties making it the ideal grating for outdoor areas with high traffic.
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Modern Design

Raffine Square Polished Steel Diagonal
Raffine is a Stainless Steel grating made from the finest raw materials and comes in a variety of fresh and exclusive designs.
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SUS Gratings

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Bar is a heavy-duty stainless steel grating developed for indoor and outdoor usage.
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Luxurious & Sturdy

The perfect marriage of engineering and traditional craftmanship. Our handrail products are made to be functional, long lasting and also serve as a luxurious decorative object.


Luxurious Porcelain

Cerahand Diagonal
A luxurious handrail made with porcelain. Each design pattern is carefully handcrafted by professional craftsmen in Arita, Japan.


Environment Friendly

Timbar Diagonal
High-quality wood handrail. With an easy-grip, it is ideal for usage in homes with elderly persons and handicapped toilets in hotels, hospitals, and public spaces.
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World’s Safest Mirror

Stainless Steel mirror that is literally unbreakable. Ideal for public spaces where security is not an option.


Functional & Secure

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Made with Stainless Steel ( SUS 304 ), Kagan is an unbreakable mirror with a crystal clear reflection.
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Drain Fast, Smell proof

Say goodbye to clogged drain traps. Our drain traps are engineered to drain water fast, the modular architecture prevents bad smells, insect from coming up the pipe and makes maintenance easier.


Fast Drainage
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Flow is designed and engineered to prevent any kind of bad smells and insects from coming from the pip. It can also drain 90 liters of water in just 1 minute.
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Universal Design

Ezze provides the perfect tear experience without requiring much strength from the user. It perfect paper holder for people with lower dexterity in their hands and in public places to help reduce paper waste.


Effortless Tearing

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This toilet paper holder by Handicare is incredibly easy to use with a special cut design that provides for an effortless perfect tear everytime. It's perfect for disabled people or people with lower dexterity in their hands.
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