High-speed Drainage
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3x Faster Drainage

Flow can drain 90 liters of water in just one minute which is about 3 times faster than a normal drain unit. The modular architecture ensures that smell and insects never come out of the pipe and also allows for easy maintenance.

flow installed
flow no lid
Modular Architecture


Flow is made from ABS plastic material and the upper lid is made from stainless steel,  making it resistant to impacts and chemicals. Drainage performance records 90 litres of water within 1 minute which empties a standard bathtub in less than 3 minutes.

flow construction


The modular architecture allows Flow to be easily pulled apart for maintenance by hand without requiring any special tools.

flow inside view

Trap Compartment

Water will always be trapped inside the Trap Compartment with its 50mm long housing, this stops any drainage smell or insects arising from the pipe below.



Vertical and Horizontal shapes are available based on the piping requirements underneath the drain trap.