Natural Wood Handrails

Real Wood

A high-quality handrail, made of Maple and Rubber Laminated Wood. Durable, very easy to grip, and with an easy installation process anywhere indoors.

Timbar Set
Timbar Close up View
Natural Texture


Timbar be used as a door handle, a support bar in places like clinics, hospitals, hotels, and homes. The product has more than a design to its features.

Safe to use

Made with North American hard maple wood. Also used in high end building materials and furnitures. This will give a fine finish to the looks and touches.


Made with real wood, which gives a fine finish that is both pleasing aesthetically and non-slippery.

Easy to Grip

The shape of this handrail is designed to fit and grip easily with wet or slippery hands. Because of this advantage the chance of facing the accidents also very law.



Offered in different shapes and colors for your different needs. Hard maple is strong against impacts but also offers a soft and authentic touch to your daily use.