Flexible Grating for indoor and outdoor pools
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Indoor & Outdoor Pools

Flex is the perfect grating for any swimming pool both indoor and outdoor. Flex is made of durable and flexible materials, so you can bend it to fit into any shape. Maintenance on your pool will also be easier because it can be rolled and unroll during the maintenance process.

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Flex Rolled Close up
Flexible Grating
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Flex is the most innovative swimming pool grating in the market. Unlike other traditional swimming pool grating, Flex has some unique features that set it apart.

Antiskid Surface

To ensure safety on wet surfaces, Flex’s top and bottom are made of soft acrylic material. This antiskid surface makes it safe to walk on even with wet feet.


Flex is revolutionary for its ability to bend in both directions. With an innovative design, the Flex can be fitted into curved sections with ease.

Easy Installation

With Flex, installation of a swimming pool grating has never been so easy and effortless. Flex comes in 1-meter length and is easily extended by connecting other gratings together.

Unbreakable joints

Flex provides sturdy support to joints with a soft, flexible PVC which is several times more durable than traditional forms.


Flex comes in several colors and the width can also be customized.  There is also a custom option for triangular shapes that can provide extra strength when needed.


Dark Gray
Light Gray